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Carmela Ali

All the families I have referred to this residence have been grateful  for such a wonderful place and especially for the genuine dedication of the owners and their staff. Its comforting to know that we can rely on people who do what they do for all the right reasons.

Lina Ali

To personally know the owners of this residence, I would not hesitate one moment to recommend Sheppard & James Westbury to anyone looking for a new living environment. They are truly awesome with the elderly.

Sylvie Melfo

This is a lovely residence. A family type residence where elderlies are treated with respect and dignity. A place where you know your loved ones will be well cared for, will be safe and will eat well. It is a cozy and nurturing environment for someone who needs guidance and reassurance.

DGP Printer

It is always a difficult decision to choose a residence for a love one.
My mother is happy at Sheppard & James and I am happier than she is.

Mark Bendit

My first impression of Sheppard and James when searching for a residence for my mother was of a very warm and secure place. More than a year later nothing has diminished that feeling. The owners and staff are thoughtful, attentive and cheery, are easy to talk to, and keep the home immaculately clean. Most important of all I feel that my mother is safe and well cared for and that my worries for her are kept to a minimum.

Marie Fournier

My mother has been there for over a year, the place is spotless and clean, the personnel and owners are great people. I am so happy that we were able to find a place like this for my mother and i would recommend it to anyone.

Tina Sharpley

Placing my mother in this residence was the best decision my family & I could of made. After deciding to remove her from another home. We were apprehensive about placing her again. But once we found Sheppard and James and met the owners, we were confident that we found the right fit, the residence is spotless, modern, and the staff are always pleasant and willing to help. Anytime I visit my mother, I leave in peace knowing my mother is well taken care of and safe. I couldn’t be happier with the service and the kindness shown from everyone at Sheppard and James.

Jennifer Nicole Hodge

It's a great feeling knowing that your parent is being well taken care of. It was a difficult transition for my father from living on his own to depending on others . The staff at Sheppard and James made the transition so much easier. Thank you so much for your kindness, caring and understanding towards my dad.

Edward Hillel

Great home for our mom, wonderful caring family and staff taking care of her. Highly recommended.

Olivia Addison

An agent and I searched for 3 months for a place in Montreal for my grandmother and our first visit to Sheppard and James Residence I knew it was perfect. Very homey, not institutionalized or hospitalized at all. Staff are all very kind and warm hearted with the residents. My grandmother has advanced Alzheimer’s and they know just how to comfort her and calm her down when needed. I know my grandmothers in good hands!

Nadia Di Iorio

My mom has been at this residence now for over a year and I cannot be more happier. From the moment I visited I felt an instant comfort with the staff and the place itself. The place is clean and well maintained. My mom was at a previous residence and it did not come close. Every time I visit she is also always well groomed. The residence provides a homey feel and I am able to have some peace of mind knowing she is in good hands and well cared for.

Nora Fagen

My favorite residence in Montreal for Alzheimer/dementia care. Kind staff, super clean and bright residence, just lovely.